Sunday, 18 May 2008

Fishing Report: 16th May 08 - Wet Docks, Ipswich

I've heard so much about this venue over the years as a good spot for Mullet but to be honest had never got round to taking a look at the place for one reason or another. Every year I would tell myself I was going to pay the docks a visit and every summer would end before I had time to get there but this week, as I had reason to visit Ipswich, I decided to put that situation right and carry out a bit of a recce.

The venue itself was pretty easy to find (once you work out the diabolical one-way system through the centre of Ipswich) and there is a long stretch of the dock which is accessible to the public and offers the ability to fish right beside the car. This fact alone makes this venue amazingly convenient but it has an added bonus which really appeals to me. As the water level in the dock is controlled by a lock linking it to the River Orwell itself there are no tides, which means you can fish whenever you want, making it an ideal summer evening venue to head to when the tides are not right.

My recce consisted of only a couple of hours spinning with a Ragworm baited spoon and despite trying my luck along a couple of hundred yards of the dockside I didn't even get so much as one follower, although I did see a couple of small fish on the surface. The only other angler I saw on the venue was a Cormorant and he was most certainly doing much better than I was; perhaps it was too early in the year or perhaps the place was just too busy, I'll never know. What I do know is I will be back later in the summer for another try at those Mullet.