Friday, 28 September 2007

Fishing Report: 1st September 07 - River Colne, Essex

Ye gods, is it September already?

Having decided I really wasn't up to an all-nighter I fished a 3:30pm tide along the river over 3 hours of the flood and a couple of hours down. The recent rough weather had stirred up the water a bit but I decided to be optimistic and give spinning a go. I tried various spots with various lures on the flood but despite my efforts it got me bugger all except weed, of which there was a fair amount around and so I put a paternoster and a 2 oz weight on the Carp rod and ledgered close in near some snags for a couple of hours of the ebb.

I managed a good few crabs, all of which gave a damn good bite on the Carp rod and eventually a Schoolie of about 30 cm took pity on me and yaffled the Ragworm so at least it wasn't a blank and an undersized Bass is better than none at all.

The water is still pretty clear, despite the strong winds, but if they would drop for a week I think the spinning would come into its own. It would be nice to have a last thrash at the summer spinning, just to tide me through to next year.