Friday, 28 September 2007

Fishing Report: 3rd to 7th September 07 - River Colne, Essex

Over recent days the water in the river had seriously cleared and with plenty of leave owing I decided to make the most of the good spinning prospects and the nice weather and take a week off work.

Having fished the previous day at St Osyth I decided to try a few hours on the afternoon tide with the beachcasting gear on the Monday, more to use up the leftover bait than anything else. Three hours on Bateman's Tower produced only one fish, a tiny Bass on a 4/0 hook which was cleanly lip-hooked and swam away at a rate of knots.

On Tuesday, with very calm weather. I tramped upriver using a variety of lures. There were fish working accross the other side of the river, judging by the activity of the gulls but on my side of the river it was harder going and it was a releif to finally manage one Bass of about 30cm which took a 3 inch white Eddystone Eel retreived behind a 32grm dexter Wedge.

Wednesday turned out to be pretty much the same, although I started well, managing an early strike with a Bass about 5cm longer than the one of the previous day which came to the Eel and Wedge again. Encouraged by the early catch (in about 2ft of water) I covered over a mile of the river....without so much as seeing another fish!

After a day off I headed up the river on Friday determined to keep trying. As the tide first pushed accross the mudflats I tried a baited spoon in the slightly coloured water, there were hundreds of immature Bass working the shallow water and groups of them hit the bait (and the spoon itself) repeatedly as it was being retreived. I eventually managed to hook one of about 2oz cleanly in the side of the mouth before I decided that I was getting nowhere and switched to ledgering Ragworm close in on the Carp rod. Eventually, after about three hours of catching crabs, the rod tip smashed round and after a quick tussle a sizable Bass of about 40cm was in the net.