Sunday, 30 October 2016

Fishing Report: 4th April 10 - St Osyth, Essex

Like many fishing winters for me this last one has been one that really didn't come together at all. Although I managed a couple of short sessions there really wasn't the time with the tackle business taking off in a big way and a few badly planned hours by the beach, mostly way too tired to be fishing, ended in the expected result ... a few small fish and a loss of my usual enthusiasm. It seems very strange that being surrounded by fishing gear day in day out that I should find myself with even less time to fish, but that's exactly how things have been.

My one outing to the beach with a rod since Christmas has been to test a new product, a custom ABU side plate which performed really well, but it wasn't until the Easter bank Holiday that I had the opportunity to lose the world for a few hours, hook up with fishing mate Stu and head up towards the Bird reserve at St O for a few hours of drowning bait and putting the world to rights - a trip long, long overdue!
As it was a bit between seasons and we were fishing in daylight we weren't expecting that much and we weren't disappointed as all that came out were small Bass, Whiting and even a micro Codling but for all that the day passed with a steady flow of fish and good conversation.   Despite trying a variety of baits such as Ragworm, Lug and squid we just couldn't find anything big enough for tea.  No mind, sometimes its not all about what you catch.