Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fishing Report: 13th September 09 - Jaywick Beach

Its a sign of how busy I've been when I say I have lived 400 yards from Jaywick beach for nearly two months and not even had time to take a look at it yet. I decided it was time to put that right and so on the spur of the moment headed to the Golf Club end on Sunday night for a few hours worm drowning. As usual on these kind of trips something is always forgotten and on this occasion the camera was left sitting in the kitchen - with hindsight I have to say this was no great loss.

Usually I would have liked to have some Ragworm with me but the impromptu nature of the trip meant I had to settle for some of my winter stock up of frozen Black Lugworm and so in all honesty I wasn't expecting any Bass to fall victim (spot on with that call). Instead I decided to try for a variety of target fish, fishing at range (with larger baits) and then close in with three small baits (for Flatties) every other cast, in the hope of just gleaning a little clue as to what might be on the offing for a more serious session.

My first pitch was a bad move and although it was no surprise that it was relatively shallow the lack of current at the peak of the flood wasn't really encouraging; in fact I think its finding a spot with a good flow of tide which will prove to be the difference between success and failure at this beach amongst the rock breakwaters (not that I'm an expert this being my first visit in nearly 20 years) and so I moved to another spot, where at least the water was moving.

The move paid off in some respects, though it wasn't what you would call exciting. As the ebb started top flow a few small bites started to show to the rig fished close and I ended the night having at least scored a first blood on my new home patch having managed two small whiting of about 8 ounces tops. Not any kind of early glory but it can only get better - I hope!