Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fishing Report: 2nd May 09 - River Colne

Pal Herbs and I had been planning to meet up for a Bass session on the River for some time before the lucky bugger emigrates to NZ. We've known each other for a good many years and both love the peaceful if somewhat unexciting fishing to be had on the river so it was probably going to be the last summer we would have the opportunity to spend a session or two chasing the local Bass. We finally managed to sort out a session this weekend on a surprisingly quiet Bank Holiday and at the last minute another mate, Stuart, decided to join us so at 3pm we met in the Bateman's car park and headed up onto the salt marsh for a few hours chasing the local schoolies from what is a really nice peaceful spot.

None of us were expecting to break any records as the Bass here generally run rather small and we weren't disappointed on that score, with even the little fish playing hard to get, but we did all catch Bass, even if none of them were particularly big. Fishing the bulk of the flood up to the high tide at about 7pm and a couple hours of the ebb pretty hard with a variety of Peeler, Ragworm and Frozen Sandeel baits with what, by normal standards, would be seen as pretty poor results, we did at least manage to find a few fish to keep us interested. Stuart had the biggest fish at 31 cm, amongst a tally of five schoolies with both me and Herbs managing a couple ..... most of the fish coming to Ragworm.

With the exception of one sailing boat (which came in way too close for comfort) and the local wildlife we didn't have any company up on the salt marsh at all but this is one of those places that even when the fishing is quiet it really is a beautiful place and its just nice to be there as the sun starts to set over the river; these sessions always seem to be more about chilling out in peaceful surroundings with good company rather than red-hot fishing and that in itself is a draw for those of us that generally fish to get away from the rest of the world.

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Andy said...

Lucky you. Unfortunately there are no bass here...yet. There was one caught years ago, but I think he got lost. Loving your blog and will check it frequently. Good stuff.