Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A Weekend Without Fishing

Last weekend was my worst nightmare really; good tides forecast for the weekend and no chance to actually go! Unfortunately one of my bikes needed some urgent repair work and I finally had to deliver on the promise of tiling my Mother-in-law's kitchen (well she has been waiting six months) so getting to the beach was a non-starter. However, it did give me some time to get some other little fishing-type jobs out of the way.

My rig wallet got a spring clean and a sort out, which was well overdue, and it gave me a chance to tie some replacement rigs for the various worn out ones that I had been stockpiling for the last few months. The break also gave me the chance to replace a dodgy whipping on the beloved Tip Tornado with time enough to take step-by-step photographs of the exercise which should enable me (when I get a bit more time) to put together a simple tutorial on how to do the job; a lot of people are needlessly shy of this kind of job.

Much to my wife's disgust, I have at last also had a chance to get round to ordering the blank and components for a new beach rod as well; I'm pretty sure the endless list of jobs and the frequent fishing passes were part of a cunning plan on her part to deprive me of the time to buy "another rod", as she put it. If that was her intention she failed miserably as the credit card has again been well and truly "flexed" and in a few weeks I will hopefully be diving into building myself a Tip Tornado Sport. As with the whipping repair previously mentioned, I'm intending to put together a tutorial which I'd like to think will encourage a few people to have a go at rod building as it's really not that difficult and you can get a huge amount of satisfaction out of catching a few fish on a rod you've built yourself.

As for actual fishing, operations resume as normal next weekend and a cunning plan is already hatched which involves a two mile walk, bait digging on arrival and then hopefully pulling out a few Flounder before they head out to sea to spawn as they do every year; fingers crossed it doesn't rain!